15 Camiguin Tourist Spots You Shouldn’t Miss If You Want An Awesome Vacation

15 Camiguin Tourist Spots You Shouldn’t Miss If You Want An Awesome Vacationcamiguin tourist spots

Camiguin, an island-province in Northern Mindanao, was once an obscure location but now is among the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. With so many Instagrammable Camiguin tourist spots, the Island Born of Fire becomes an Island on Fire. 

From the pristine Camiguin Island tourist spots and jaw-dropping waterfalls to glorious underwater world and historic structures from the Spanish colonial era, Camiguin definitely makes up the ultimate feed goal that every ‘grammer aims for!

We’ve listed 15 of the most beautiful Camiguin tourist spots you should not miss!

1. White Island Camiguin

aerial view of the sandbar at white island in camiguin

Considered as the province’s crown jewel, White Island is one of the most beautiful Camiguin Island tourist spots. The immaculate White Island Camiguin is actually not an island but a sandbar. This most photographed destination in Camiguin is ideal for lazing under the sun or snorkeling in the crystalline azure water.

2. Mantigue Island Nature Park

facade mantigue island nature park

Another top tourist attraction in Camiguin is Mantigue Island Nature Park. It is a protected marine sanctuary with four hectares of evergreen forest surrounded with white sandy beaches is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. There is a fishing village located on the northern side of the island, while a white sand beach with powdery coral sand and corals offshore on the other. You can rent a paddleboard to explore its pristine waters. Make sure to include this to your list of Camiguin Island tourist spots.

3. Burias Shoal

a sea turtle in burias shoal
Photo from visitphilippines.org

Considered as one of the top Camiguin tourist attractions and among the best diving sites in the world, Burias Shoal is a natural reef paradise. Unlike others that have only one flat bed of coral on the bottom of the ocean floor, Burias Shoal is sprawled across slopes and steep walls where large schools of colorful fish swim all day. You can also see a variety of colorful corals from black and white to red and yellow. 

4. Sunken Cemetery

aerial view of the sunken cemetery

Located in the town of Catarman, Sunken Cemetery marked by a huge concrete cross serves as a commemorative marker for those who lost their lives; and the Walkway to the Old Volcano (Vulcan Daan), a stone staircase with 15 Stations of the Cross. 

Sunken Cemetery was formed in the 1870s when a Camiguin volcano, Mt. Vulcan erupted causing the cemetery, the capital city and old town of Catarman, to sink. If you’re looking for a unique Camiguin tourist destination, don’t miss the Sunken Cemetery.

5. Ardent Hot Spring

the beautiful ardent hot spring in camiguin
Photo from lesgrossacs

As a volcanic island, there are several hot and cold spring places to visit in Camiguin. One of the most popular is the Ardent Hot Springs that has numerous pools with fresh and hot sulfuric waters heated by Hibok-Hibok Volcano. The 33°C to 40°C water comes right out of the forest and gets mixed with colder water into the separate pools arranged in cascades. 

6. Sto. Niño Cold Spring

While Camiguin has a number of hot springs on the east side, there are also cold springs on the other side of the island. Located in the town of Sagay, Sto. Niño Cold Spring is a natural cold spring that flows down from Mt. Mambajao, and is filtered by layers of minerals from the mountain, so expect a naturally clean water. The main pool’s depth ranges from four to eight feet, while a smaller pool beside it is ideal for kids.

7. Camiguin Aviation

a pilot touring the camiguin
Photo from Camiguin Aviation

Take your adventure to a new height, quite literally, at the Camiguin Aviation where you can ride (or co-pilot) at the aerial acrobatics aboard a single-engine Super Decathlon 8KCAB plane. You’ll get to see up close and personal the mouth of the Camiguin volcano, aerial views of offshore islands, and uncharted jungles. If you want to have an adventure of a lifetime, make sure to include Camiguin Aviation in your tour itinerary as it is one of the top Camiguin tourist spots.

8. Tuasan Falls

the stunning view tuasan falls

Tucked in the midst of an unspoiled jungle, near the Sto. Niño Cold Spring Resort, you can also visit Tuasan Falls, the most popular waterfall Camiguin tourist destination. 

As you trek, you’ll see a bed of big boulders and small rocks that you’d have to climb and hobble over to reach the waterfall basin. This 82 feet high rapid waterfall entails a very scenic hike passing through the quaint Barrio Mainit. If you want to make your Camiguin tour fun, don’t miss the Tuasan Falls.

9. Binangawan Falls

majestic view of binangawan falls
Photo from Alex

Unlike the Tuasan Falls, Binangawan Falls is an off-the-beaten path in the bosom of Mt. Mambajao. Knowing this, you’ll wonder why it remains a lesser-known spot as it is as beautiful as other Camiguin tourist attractions. 

10. Katibawasan Falls

the towering katibawasan falls

Standing at 250 feet, Katibawasan Falls is a beautiful waterfall that feeds a clear rock pool surrounded by orchids, wild ferns, trees and boulders. Its cold water is perfect for a quick dip after a tiring trip. 

11. Guiob Church Ruins

Guiob Church Ruins is one of the key structures from the Spanish colonial era and among the historic places to visit in Camiguin. Its moss-covered walls are the only ones left from the church structure that survived the Mt. Vulcan eruption in 1871. The base of the old bell tower and portions of the convent still stand today, making the church complex a popular destination.

12. Taguines Lagoon

Taguines Lagoon Aquasports and Recreational Facility, located in the town of Mahinog, is an artificial inland lagoon. This man-made lagoon was created primarily for fish breeding purposes but is now one of the most-visited Camiguin tourist spots because of its recreational activities perfect for family or friends. What makes visiting Taguines Lagoon more fun is the wide variety of sports activities you can try such as ziplining, kayaking, boating, paddleboarding, and more!

13. Treasures Camiguin

facade of the treasures camiguin
Photo from Balai sa Baibai

Treasures Camiguin is an ancestral home-turned curio shop and gallery that features handmade and bespoke silver and sea glass jewelry and a range of other sea glass inspired products. They also have woven and recycled items like bags and mats. Treasures Camiguin is one of the places to visit in Camiguin to buy pasalubong.

14. Tungatok Viewdeck

Tungatok Viewdeck usually doesn’t make it to some Camiguin tourist spots blogs as this is just usually a stopover. Here you can take pictures of the undisturbed panoramic view of Catarman. There is no entrance fee here so if you’re on a budget, might as well include this in your itinerary to make the most of your Camiguin vacation.

15. Mt. Hibok-Hibok

If you already read our previous article about Camiguin, you’d know that the province was said to be formed because of the series of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Actually, volcanoes outnumbered the towns in Camiguin. And one of these is Mt. Hibok-Hibok.

Also known as Catarman Volcano, Mt. Hibok-Hibok is an active stratovolcano in Camiguin that has a summit covered with loose ejecta and four small craters are nearby. Hiking Mt. Hibok-Hibok is quite a challenge but perfect for those seeking an adventure. Reaching the peak takes about 3 to 4 hours depending on your pace. 

For a more detailed guide on traveling Camiguin, make sure to read this blog as we featured the best places, things to do in Camiguin, how to get there, and more!

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