What to know before you head to Boracay

What to know before you head to Boracay

What can I expect from Boracay?

Boracay is a beautiful tropical island, located in the Philippines just off the coast of the island of Panay. When you think about Boracay, think of white sand beaches and beautiful clear, blue water. If the place is comparable to anywhere else in the world, it’s the Caribbean.
When night comes, fire erupts. Boracay has a large number of fire dancers, easily seen on a walk at night.

What is Boracay’s weather like??

Boracay doesn’t only look similar to the Caribbean, it can also boast similar, sun-laden weather. The dry season of November to May offers a great time to go swimming and take in the sights. Visit during the rainy season though – June to October – and you’re likely going to experience at least one of the area’s many intermittent typhoons.

What are the locals like?

Locals are very friendly and relaxed. Boracay isn’t a busy city at all. The people there especially love having their pictures taken! Although you should certainly ask if you want to take a picture of someone older.
Boracay is a place to relax and chill and the people there embody this.

What’s so special about Boracay?

Beaches. Boracay’s beaches are world class. Their white sand and clear blue waves combine to form one of the best destinations, both for travellers who want to relax and those who want something a little more exciting.
If you’re one of the former, grab a deck chair from one of the beachfront hotels and work on your tan, or get a massage on a beach. If you’re one of the latter, scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing and jet skiing are just a few of the high octane activities you can engage in.

How to get around in Boracay?

You’ll see a number of motored tricycles around. For most people, these are more than adequate. Be careful about prices though. A small trip should only cost you around ₱20 ($0.40 USD) per passenger. If you’re going to take a longer trip, expect something closer to ₱40 ($0.80 USD).
You can also rent a mountain bike for yourself. If you want to stop by White Beach (definitely recommended), mountain bikes are a great option as the area doesn’t allow motor vehicles.

What food does Boracay have?

Because Boracay is quite popular with tourists, there’s a huge range of food available. However, we recommend that you try the local food, especially pinakbet (a shrimp sauce poured over steamed vegetables) and crispy pork kare kare.
Compared to other places in the Philippines, street food isn’t as popular. Don’t let that stop you though, make sure to try some of the barbecued meats on offer or a few of the Philippine’s fried delicacies.

How much does it cost to get a bite to eat in Boracay?

If you’re looking for some snacks in Boracay, expect to pay anywhere from ₱200 ($4 USD) to ₱500 ($9 USD) for something more expensive.
When it comes to street food, try the candied sweet potatoes. They look strange but only cost ₱15 ($0.30 USD) and are a real treat. Also, Boracay has some of the best mangos in the world. Don’t miss out on this fruity pleasure!

What Activities are there in Boracay?

Being famous for its beaches, water-lovers can expect a lot of water sports and water-based activities: scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing and jet skiing (to name a few).
Of course, for more land-orientated people, there are also drier activities as well. You can experience massages on the beach, hikes up Mount Luho and mountain biking through the wilderness.

What is unmissable in Boracay?

  • White beach should definitely be at the top of your list. For many visitors, this is the sole reason for coming to Boracay. For others, Puka beach is unmissable. You can always go to both and see which you prefer! Don’t forget that it’s easy to get a massage on the beach for around ₱500 ($9 USD); the price of an expensive meal.
  • Make sure you head to Ariel’s point to engage in cliff diving. It might seem scary but it’s an experience you’ll never forget.
  • If you want to go higher instead, head to Mount Luho, the highest point in the area, for some breaktaking views and dizzying landscapes.
  • For those of you who like to go deeper, Boracay offers some great diving sites. You can see marine wildlife, swim through wrecks, or just learn how to dive. It costs around ₱3000 (about $64) per scuba dive.
  • Don’t forget the adventurer’s paradise, the Bat Cave above Punta Bunga Beach.

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