#WanderwithZEN: Nightmare on Burgos Street

#WanderwithZEN: Nightmare on Burgos Street

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If Quezon City has Balete Drive, Poblacion has Burgos St!

Every year around Halloween, Takutan sa Burgos, Poblacion’s Halloween parade and street party, comes alive! Filipinos and tourists flock to Burgos St. to see people in the craziest and scariest Halloween costumes.

If horror’s not your thing, other people arrived in their most colorful and beautiful costumes from otherworldly dimensions to win the Fantasy category. Elves and fairies fluttered around in the brightest outfits and the biggest wings.

For the Cosplay category, characters from movies and TV series seemed like they stepped out of the screen as they walked in the parade.

People can win up to PHP 20,000 in cash prizes depending on how scary and how creative their costumes are. From the Scary Costume Category, you will see burnt bodies on tables, bloody men in dirty rags, horned ghouls, monsters perched on trees and many more creatures that will make your skin crawl.

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