Travelling is always fun and exciting, but – let’s face it – could be pretty costly.  But smart travelers like you always find ways to pay less! 😉 There is a wealth of activities you can do which are not only inexpensive – they’re practically free! Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up five awesome ideas!


  1. Watch dance performances in Central Market

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There’s more to Kuala Lumpur than its temples and skyscrapers! What makes Malaysia truly colorful is its immersive culture as well as talented people. The weekly Cultural Performances at Central Market near Pasar Seni LRT Station are sure to entertain both tourists and locals alike, while increasing appreciation for Malaysia’s history and culture.


2.Stroll in the parks of Bonifacio Global City

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Whoever said that the Philippines is the true face of a third world country hasn’t seen Bonifacio Global City yet. Bask in the beauty of the most modern city in Metro Manila when you explore the parks in BGC! Go jogging, walk your dog, or marvel at street art in Track 30th and Terra 28th. If you’re into football, join other casual athletes for a game or two at Turf BGC.


3. Interact with the street murals in Georgetown

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Street art enthusiasts, rejoice! Designated as a UNESCO Heritage Site, Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia features lively graffiti and wall murals which represent the character of the town. The works of art are combined with real elements such as chairs and bikes to bring it to life.


4. Walk in the Southern Ridges in Singapore

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Singapore may arguably be the most artificial and man-made city in Southeast Asia, but if you truly explore it, you’ll find green open spaces that will make you rethink the country’s stereotype. The Southern Ridges is a Singaporean park spanning 10 kilometres presenting a wide-angle view of the city. You can take photos of the various plants and animals, have a picnic with friends and family, or observe the different types of birds flying overhead.


5. Tour the Kota Tua Jakarta

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Kota Tua means “Old Town” and is home to the remains of Oud Batavia, a walled Dutch settlement in Jakarta. Touring this neighborhood is sure to delight history and culture buffs. Featuring fantastic Dutch architecture, museums, and temples, you can unearth the former glory of Oud Batavia and learn more about Indonesian history.

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