Top 5 Indonesian Cities For An Amazing Lebaran Holiday

Top 5 Indonesian Cities For An Amazing Lebaran Holiday

It’s that time of the year again! Eid al Fitr -or better known as Lebaran in Indonesia- is one of the official Muslim holidays that marks the end of Ramadhan season. After a month of fasting, muslims everywhere celebrate the joyous and holy occasion by taking trips to their hometown (mudik) to be reunited with their families, visiting friends & relatives, feasting and practicing atonement – an act of mutual forgiving any past wrongdoing.

The beautiful Lebaran holidays in Indonesia officially last for 2 days in the Indonesian calendar. Typically, the government also declares a few days before and after the Lebaran as bank holiday, allowing workers the timely break and making it the most perfect moment for traveling!

Planning your perfect Lebaran holiday starts with selecting the best destination for yourself and the family. To celebrate the festivities, it’s highly recommended that you travel to the places that has that Lebaran spirit and nuance that make you feel right at home, for all the best reasons.

So whenever you’re ready to explore and experience the most amazing Lebaran holiday, check out these top 8 Asian destinations that are specially handpicked for you : Indonesia.

What could be better than checking out our own local jewels? These awesome locations in Indonesia are guaranteed for an unforgettable Lebaran holiday of a lifetime :


The no.1 best destination in the world as crowned by a recent global survey, Bali is a slice of heaven on earth that’s perfect all year round. With a combination of sweeping beaches, panoramic views, genuine local Balinese charm, endless fun and culinary adventures, Bali promises a holiday that fits for the entire family.
While Bali is dominated with Hindu population, the local people have enjoyed celebrating Lebaran with just the same enthusiasms. Don’t let the crowded beaches spooked you out, just be sure to visit their famous temples such as Pura Besaki and Pura Uluwatu, get up close with nature at Ubud Monkey Forest or taste the scrumptious fresh seafood dishes in Jimbaran.
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2. Yogyakarta

The soulful and artistic side of Indonesia unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, Yogyakarta is giving Bali a run for the money with its fine mix of metropolitan beats and traditional heritage that’s rich with pure Javanese arts & cultures.
Offering endless tourist spots from beaches to breathtaking natural wonders, there’ll be no shortage of activities that you can do here. Visit the famous Candi Borobudur, Prambanan or the Parangtritis beach, take a trail on the passionate shopping district of Malioboro, step into historical sites and Kraton palaces – you name it, Yogyakarta will deliver and more!
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3. Bandung

Say hello to Paris Van Java, where fashion is the heart of the city matched fittingly by the city’s unique old deco charm. The atmospheric Bandung offers retreat for local tourists and worldwide travellers alike who can’t seem to get enough of its architectural European style, cool breeze, lively fashion industry and countless natural attractions.
Settle yourself in any quaint cafe that’s dotted along any road of Bandung while watching the world celebrate the holy season of Lebaran. Spoil yourself with delicious culinary options or simply enjoy a little retail therapy from the creative local brands of Indonesia. Last but not least, explore the gorgeous mother nature of Bandung such as Tangkuban Perahu Mount, Kawah Putih, to Geological Museum of Bandung.
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4. Jakarta

Visiting the capital city is simply a must no matter where you hail from. Jakarta is a chic city that’s not getting enough praises for its superbly wonderful and hidden tourist’s spots. Visiting the dynamic metropolitan during Lebaran will also allow you a side of Jakarta you have never seen before! Far from the usual humdrum and bustling traffics, you’ll experience a lovely, quiet and traffic-friendly Jakarta, available only during the Lebaran season.
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5. Malang

Malang is the next one on Indonesia’s map to be the most sought after tourist spot by all types of travellers. Already keeping up with international standard, Malang houses famous museums such as Museum of Transportation, Museum Malang Tempo Doeloe, D’Mask Kingdom Museum and more. Don’t forget the gigantic theme parks of Jawa Timur Theme Park or Malang’s Botanic Garden too!
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