Tips for solo travellers in Asia

Tips for solo travellers in Asia

So, you’ve decided to go solo. Well, we’re here to tell you that travelling solo throughout Asia can be a brilliant experience. There’s nothing quite like having the freedom to explore and discover new cultures on your own terms.
So, to help make the experience the best it possibly can be, here’s a few tips to take on the road.

Stay Open to new opportunities

When you’re in a big group, others (locals included) are much less likely to come over and say hi. Yet when you’re going solo, people tend to have just that extra little bit of courage to start the conversation (as long as you’re not sat with a scowl on your face).
So, when someone comes over and says hi, keep an open mind. Engage them in conversation, ask them what they’re doing there or where they’re going. You never know, they might just let you in on something in Asia which you would have missed out on.

Stay Safe

Being careful doesn’t mean having a host of kung-fu moves at your disposal to protect you, it just means following some basic safety guidelines, like you probably would anywhere else.
Firstly, make sure you know about your destination. Know which areas should be avoided and which areas are much more tourist friendly. Secondly, don’t follow strangers into strange places. Yes, part of the solo travelling lifestyle is about staying open to new opportunities, just don’t stay too open. Also, make sure that you know where you’re staying is safe and reliable. Zen Rooms ensure safety in all of their destinations.



Eating when you’re a solo traveller can be one of the worst parts of being out on the trail alone. That seeping paranoia that everyone’s watching you, laughing at you, or wondering why no one wants to hang out with you. Well, whilst sometimes the fear can have cause, most of the time, it’s a silly thing to be worried about.
If you’re super worried about eating on your own, find a place which welcomes solo travellers like you. There’s a bunch of them in Asia. If the place has a bar or counter with seats, make sure to sit here. Normally people in a similar situation to you will sit at these. If you’re headed somewhere off peak, have a chat with the staff, they might just let you in a secret or two, or give you a free dish.

You don’t have a deadline


Solo travel means that you decide what you want to do. There’s no compromising, no meeting half way. No, everything which you want to do, you can do. That being said, you don’t have a deadline within which you have to have everything finished. It’s not like you ‘have’ to visit 10 museums in one day or you won’t be able to see the mountain you want to tomorrow.
Solo travel can be stressful. If you feel you’re getting worn out and tired, relax and take things slowly for a while. It’s your trip and it’s not worth ruining because you’re too tired to go on. This is especially true of ‘off the beaten path’ destinations in Asia.

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