Security Procedures to avoid Fraud & Revenue Loss

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To protect our mutual guests and properties’ revenue, ZEN Rooms now sends the last 4 digits of credit cards used for payment so hotels can verify it at check-in. The hotels are advised to follow the below check in procedure.
(1) The email confirmation along with photo ID and availability of card details is required upon check-in. If name on the card and name of the primary guest on ID matches, scan the ID, collect check-in form and let the guest check-in.
(2) Authorization letter is required in most cases:
a. If guest’s name is different from the cardholder – The cardholder must write an authorization letter allowing to charge his card for that booking. ID of primary guest and cardholder must be scanned and saved.
b. If guest’s name is different from the cardholder that is not present – The guest must pay at hotel or request the cardholder to email the authorization letter together with copy of ID and the card. If guest opt to pay by cash, hotel should inform ZEN Rooms so they’ll refund the card payment to avoid double charge.
c. If none of the guest’s IDs match the name of Primary guest in booking voucher – The guest has to reach out to OTA to amend the booking or create a new booking with correct name details.

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