Save these dates in March!

Save these dates in March!

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The Holi Festival in Singapore, Penang, or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Holi Festival is a traditional Indian festival where festival goers dance and throw coloured dye at one another. The Celebration is huge and is dedicated to sharing love. Parts of Asia with large Hindu populations are sure to celebrate it this March 13.

Full Moon Party in Thailand

The Full Moon Party happens every month – it’s not just a once a year type of deal – but March tends to be its largest. Tens of thousands of festival goers flock to Haad Rin on the island of Koh Phangan. March 12 is when this year’s festival will take place. Make sure you’re either there, or stay clear because it’s bound to be incredibly busy.

Nyepi (The Balinese Day of Silence) in Bali


The Balinese Day of Silence is quite a thing to witness. The whole area becomes almost silent. Airports are shut down, buses stop running, nightclubs don’t open and everyone is expected to remain quiet for one whole day. Locals and tourists alike are expected to respect the tradition, with security known as pecalang cautioning those who don’t.

What’s great is that the night before Nyepi, the city is a cacophony of sound. Everyone rushes to get their sound-making desires out of their system. Pots are banged, fireworks are exploded. Be sure you’re in Bali if you want to experience one of the strangest, yet overall auditorily bedazzling festivals you’ll ever take part in. This year the festival will fall on March 28.

Male’an Sampi in Lombok, Indonesia


Male’an Sampi is an impressive festival which usually takes place towards the end of March. During the festival, countless cattle race across a rice paddy for over 200 meters. The cattle are painted to represent their owners, who compete to see who can pass the finishing line first. It’s dirty and mud is flown everywhere (as well as some of the jockeys) but it’s a good laugh and certainly worth a visit.

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