Best villas in Bali for a pool party below $50

Best villas in Bali for a pool party below $50

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Bali’s known as having incredible beaches, culture and history, to submerse yourself in. Yet there’s a lot more to this paradise, if you put in a little preparation.
What about once the day seems over, you’ve visited the places you wanted to see, but you still want to keep the party going? Well, here at Zen Rooms, we suggest getting yourself a great villa and setting up a pool party. They’re incredibly easy to get going, and won’t break the bank.

How to get started

A good pool party only needs a few things to get you started. One, a couple of drinks, two, some great music, and three, a perfect villa location. You can usually pull all this together for less than $50 (including the hotel booking). Here’s how.
Firstly, make sure you bring your own speakers, it’ll save time and money. If you haven’t brought any, you can always play them through your mobile’s loudspeaker. If the party’s too big, buy a cheap one from one of Bali’s hypermarkets (it shouldn’t cost more than $10 – 15). Drinks are also easily (and cheaply depending on what brand you want to drink) sourced from the hypermarkets.
All that leaves is picking the right location. A villa with style, convenience, and panache.


Bakung Sari 7 in Kuta $30


Located just next to Bali’s incredible Kuta surf scene, this villa offers a brilliant spot to roll up and get a pool party started after a long day of surfing. The hotel’s décor also makes this place seemingly perfect for a pool party you won’t forget. Notice the size? You’ll be able to enjoy a good night with a bunch of friends, all of which will have a recliner to relax in – or a pool to jump in!
Don’t forget that right next to the hotel you’ll find several incredible seafood restaurants, including the Seafood House Restaurant and the B’Couple Seafood Restaurant. Take in some truly unbelievable food and then head back to start the music!


Nyuh Kuning in Ubud $28

Ubud Kuning

Surrounded with incredible trees and a few luxury recliners, Nyuh Kuning is a brilliant spot to set up a pool party. Find a portable speaker, buy a few drinks, and a couple of friends, and you’re pretty much set. The only thing about this villa is that the pool is relatively small, so don’t invite too many people back. That can be a good thing though.
The Location is Brilliant for anyone looking to spend the day exploring historic temples and Ubud’s artistic lifestyle. Moreover, if you want to head into town after the pool party, you’re very close to the Laughing Buddha Bar, XL Shisha Lounge, and CP Lounge.


Tukad Mas in Ubud $20


Tukad Mas is located pretty near to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (only 4.4 km!), making it a perfect location for starting out a day exploring natural Bali. However, once you’ve finished that (and grabbed some great food!) you’ll be wanting to head back to this villa and get a pool party started.
The pool might seem small, but you’d be surprised by how many people it can fit. Tukad Mas is a great place to bring a couple of inflatable beach chairs with you (or donuts) so everyone has a place to sit down.


Gang Cempaka in Legian $15


Gang Cempaka offers a quiet and intimate setting for a small, yet equally incredibly, pool party to take place. You’re not going to get as many people together in this small pool, but that just means it’s more friendly.
Located in Kuta, you’re right next door to the Hypermart Kuta Icon, where you’ll be able to pick up practically anything you need to get the party started.

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