Lombok | Top 5 most scenic spots

Lombok | Top 5 most scenic spots

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ZEN Rooms is excited to announce the launch of a new, long-awaited location: Lombok. Lombok is best known for its beautiful beaches, friendly locals and charming vistas. With ZEN Rooms, you can travel to this paradise whilst still staying in control of your bank balance. Temples sit atop mountains, which gaze down upon beaches of white sand and clear, blue water. This water in turn extends to islands bathed in the same white sand.

Lombok offers so much to do and see that it seems impossible for it to all be in one place, especially one which is much less touristy than its neighbor Bali. If you’re looking at going on an adventure to South East Asia, then Lombok is a must-see, must-explore locale. Here are five things you should make sure you don’t miss when you travel to this beautiful Indonesian Island.

Forage for fish in Kuta


Kuta is a beautiful coastal fishing village which still maintains most of its relaxed and traditional character. It also has some of the best beaches and landscape views in the area. A definite must see if you are visiting Lombok.

Also check out the Kutacabana, a brilliant hotel with a rooftop café with a surreal view! It won’t break your budget either!

Climb Mount Rinjani

rinjaniBeing the second highest volcano in Indonesia, the view from the top of Mount Rinjani is incomparable. A crater, in the shape of a crescent and filled with water, lies in the summit, whilst the peaks surrounding it offer the most incredible view of the island and its surroundings.  An amazing spot to take pictures from and see the whole of Lombok.

Relax in Senggigi

Featuring temples, waterfalls and beaches, Senggigi is a prime place for travelers to check out. The area is one of the most touristy and Mangsit features a long, traditional beach with white sand and calming waves. If you’re more the adventure type, Senggigi also features some more active events. Surfing and spear-fishing are just two of the more adrenaline-pumping sports you can get involved in, whilst Kayaking and scuba diving are also on offer.

Make some friends at the Pusuk Monkey Forest

The Pusuk Monkey Forest is located in the western part of Lombok and close to the famous Mount Rinjani. Hundreds of friendly (and not so friendly) monkeys are dotted around this animal sancurary, which whilst wild, are still quite tame. On top of the monkeys, you are also provided with an incredible view of Lombok, with the forest extended up some 1000 meters above sea level. If you plan to trek up Mount Rinjani, the Pusuk Monkey Forest is a great place to stop off.

Explore local handicraft and village life in Sukarare


The village of Sukarare is one of the best places to see the century old traditions of the people of Lombok. Explore the village and see both how home life works and the traditional weavers produce their most popular product: songket cloth.

Lombok offers a little something for everyone. Whether it’s surfing or snorkeling, or just relaxing on the beach with some friends, you’re sure to enjoy what this beautiful Indonesian island has to offer.

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