5 incredible things to do in Bali you never knew existed

5 incredible things to do in Bali you never knew existed


Bali: The Island of the Gods. Known for its beautiful white sand beaches, volcanic mountains, and its interesting history, Bali is a favorite for travelers from around the world. It’s also home to some incredible and hidden attractions.
Whilst there certainly are some iconic attractions which any Bali visitor needs to check out – the Ulun Danu Temple complex, Legian Beach in the south, and the Rice paddies in the East – there’s also some less well known places which you shouldn’t forget about.
For us travelling is all about getting the most out of your experience and having stories to bring back home. So, for those of you eager to create unique memories, here are a few destinations you might not know about, and which you should make sure are on your itinerary.

The Village of The Deaf: Bengkala

This village is a truly unique and incredible place. Here, hidden in the district of Kubutambahan, is home to many of Bali’s congenitally deaf population. Their rituals are different than those of the other native Balians. They have even created their own form of sign language and operate separately from most of the rest of Bali. Here, you’ll find a whole separate culture submerged within Bali. If you’re planning on going here, stay near the Lovina Beach for added convenience.

The Sacred and Secret Canyon: Sukawati

This hidden tunnel – located in Pura Beji Guwang – is an artist’s dream come true. The natural rock formations and serene beauty which lies within are like something off of a painter’s canvas. Head here to have an incredible ‘off-the-beaten path’ experience, which few others will even know about.

The High Cliff: Melasti Beach


Travelling and sharing your experience with those back home is one of the best things about documenting your trip. So why not do it in style? The high Cliff is an instant Instagram hit! It offers a view like no other. It’s also surprisingly hidden considering it’s right out in the open! Stay near Kuta for easy access to this photo op!

The Bali Ghost Town: Taman Festival Bali

This abandoned location is home to a host of Ghost stories and superstitious beliefs by locals (including a fear of Balinese ‘Vampires’). The area itself is an abandoned amusement park which never quite made it to fruition. A combination of bad luck and seemingly poor management, left the entertainment venue hidden, alone and abandoned. Not many know of the place, but luckily for you, we know it’s located near Padanggalak Beach (quite a distance from the population hub of Sanur).

Pinggan village views: Mount Batur


Mount Batur might be one of the most visited attractions on the island, but Pinggan village isn’t. And Pinggan village is where the true beauty lies. Head this way to catch an incredible sunset across the volcanic landscape. The view is truly stunning. It looks photoshopped, but it’s not. This destination isn’t hidden, but it’s certainly largely unknown about.

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