How to enjoy Puerto Galera on a budget

How to enjoy Puerto Galera on a budget

Puerto Galera is known as the poor man’s Boracay, but there’s nothing poor about it. Find out what to do there on a budget.

Puerto Galera is known as the poor man’s Boracay but it is so much more than that. Aside from the white sand and accessible location, the area offers incredible diving locations without breaking your bank, amazing nightlife, and brilliant dining options.
It certainly isn’t a poor place to visit. For those of you who want to explore this gorgeous island on a budget, here are a few things you can get yourself involved in. And don’t forget to check out Zen Rooms newest locations in Puerto Galera, either.

Explore the area’s unique Culture

Seemingly hidden away from the rest of the world, Mangyan Village is an extraordinary look at a culture so different from the modern city. It’s like walking in history. Having been built to protect the Iraya-Mangyan tribe and their customs, the people here live life like they’re in a different era. The best part is there’s no entrance fee! You can purchase handicrafts and trinkets from the village people, if you wish. They are made to show off traditional Mangyan culture, by some of the last Mangyan craftsmen and women in the world.

Beaches, Beaches, More Beaches

The most famous beach in the area is white beach, resembling that of Boracay. Centrally located, with a lot of space for you to stretch out and relax, you should make sure to visit at least once. Other beaches which offer some great views and relaxing sand are Talipanan Beach and Sabang Beach.
Talipanan Beach is great if you’re looking to spend an evening out with friends, eating great food, and having a few beers. Sabang also offers a great nightlife (maybe even more vibrant), with a great shipwreck diving location as well, for during the day.

Ridiculously good restaurants

Whether you’re looking for that authentic Filipino taste, or something a little more similar to what you would eat back home, Puerto Galera has some pretty good dining options.
That Authentic Filipino taste can be found at the Verandah Restaurant. Located in the Out of the Blue Resort, customers consistently say they would return again and again. The service is brilliant, and the food is cooked to perfection. Expect a lot of seafood. You’ll also find vegan friendly options here, if you need them.
Alternatively, if you’re in the Talipanan Beach area and looking for some delicious pizzas, then Lukas Bar is probably the best place for you. It’s cheap, tasty, and has a view of the beach.

Go Diving and Kayaking

Diving through natural reefs is beautiful, but diving through shipwrecks is a different experience entirely. The Sabarg wrecks are three such shipwrecks, which have now grown into beautiful manmade reefs, teeming with life and unique tropical fish. The dive site is only about two minutes by boat from the shore, within the Sabang Bay. You shouldn’t spend any more than $35 to go diving here.
Alternatively, if you want to go Kayaking, the best spot is the Alag Riverbank. A little more expensive than free beach lounging days, it will cost you around $40 per person. However, depending on the route you decide to take, that should last you 3 – 4 hours. You’ll spend that time travelling down Puerto Galera’s 42 kilometer shoreline. If you’d rather go for something a little slower, head to the Mangrove inlets; for faster currents, opt for the Verde Passage.

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