A Foodies guide to SEA: Places and Palates go Together like Peas in a Pod

A Foodies guide to SEA: Places and Palates go Together like Peas in a Pod

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For some, travelling is about the sights, for others it’s about the sounds; for foodies, travelling is about the tastes. South East Asia is packed with a huge range of dishes, ready to suit almost any palate. This guide will help you to narrow that down to what really is ‘The best a foodie can get!’

Chiang Mai

Located in northern Thailand, this relatively (compared to Bangkok) quiet city hides some incredible culinary tastes from around Asia. Head to Khao Soi Khun Yai on Sri Poom Road to try some food like the locals. If you prefer richer tastes, David’s Kitchen on Bumrungrad Road is one of the most popular foodie destinations in the city.

Whilst in Chiang Mai, make sure to that you don’t miss out on trying the Khao Soi (AKA the Egg Noodle Curry).


Head to this Indonesian retreat to check out a great cultural experience. The area doesn’t just offer temples and history, it also provides a selection of choice eats for the adventurous foodie!

Check out Jimbaran for a great selection of local and national food; 7km north of the city and available by bus (Sendangadi, Mlati, Sleman). You should also visit Abhayagiri (Dusun Sumberwatu Sambirejo, Prambanan, Sleman) for a really interesting dining experience with a great view.

Make sure to eat Gudeg Pawon whilst you’re here, a great savory dish for almost any foodie. There is also a sweet version available. Head to Warungboto in the Umbulharjo neighbourhood for one of the best places to eat this.



Being the Capital of Indonesia, a country made up of 17,000 islands, there’s a lot of options when it comes to food. Indonesia’s landscape has led to many different food cultures arising. You’re going to find that you will either be eating at a Warung (a permanent restaurant) or a Pedagang kaki lima (basically a street peddler). Both are good and offer different options for the travelling foodie.

Drop in on Namaaz Dining for a fine-dining experience, or Plan B if you’re looking for something cheaper (but still delicious).  

Make sure to try the strangely colored orange Nasi Goreng, the tasty national dish of Indonesia. Also to be eaten is the Nasi Padang, another fried rice and mixed-curry dish from Padang.


Colombo (and Mount Lavinia)

Located in Sri Lanka, which in turn is located in the Indian Ocean, you should be expecting a lot of seafood when it comes to Sri Lankan cuisine; and you’d be right! If that’s your thing, then make sure you schedule a stop in at Colombo in Sri Lanka. Also, head over to Mount Lavinia (just outside the city) for the chance to eat some of this great food with a beach view!

The creatively named Ministry of Crab at the Old Dutch Hospital Fort is a great place to eat and it has a pretty good view. Alternatively, head to The Sizzle along Walukarama Rd.

If you’re in Sri-lanka, you have to try the Fish ambul thiyal, or sour fish curry. The taste is incredible.



Last, but by no means least, comes Singapore. In fact, we’ve been saving this for last because Singapore might just be foodie heaven. Due to its location, its size and its population, Singapore’s variety of food is unbelievable. Street food-wise, you’re looking at Chinese, Malay and Indian options, but when you decide to go to a restaurant your choices are infinite.

Head to the Summer Pavilion at the Ritz-Carlton or Colony on Raffles Avenue for a truly unique and fine-dining experience. Don’t miss out on Edge on Raffles Boulevard for a great dinner Buffet.  

Make sure to check out the popular street food dish Char Kway Teow, a true local favorite of noodles and dark soy sauce.

So, if you’re a foodie and looking for a place to update your palate, make sure to check out these five great places when you’re next in South East Asia!


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