8 smartphone apps that can change the way you travel in SEA

8 smartphone apps that can change the way you travel in SEA

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If you love traveling, you have probably relied on one or two smartphone applications to have an easier time navigating the roads, conversing with locals, and comparing prices of activities. But did you know that there are also apps that can help you optimize your travel, enable you to meet new people, and spend less?

Consider this your ultimate guide on what to download when you want to maximize your travels in Southeast Asia, money-wise and experience-wise.

  1. Pana



Everyone can have a travel assistant FOR FREE. Take Pana for example, this free app organizes your plans and sends personalized trip alerts, even when you are offline. So no more fear of missing out on dates, flights or any reservation with a trusty concierge service in your phone.


  1. XE Currencyhttp://static.trustedreviews.com/cb9f0d%7C1e0b_SMALLXE-1.jpg

    Instead of asking around or getting a travel consultant, install XE currency to get an updated information on Baht, Rupiah, Ringgit, Singapore Dollar and more. Within a few clicks, you can convert any amount to multiple currencies too!


  2. Skyscanner


With Skyscanner that is available for IOS and Android, it is now even easier to compare flight prices or hire a car in your travel destination. The combination of these 2 essentials in one smart app is going to make Skyscanner an instant favorite for travelers on the move.

4. Uber/ Grab


This one is a definite must! Online taxi applications are all the rage because oftentimes they beat other mass transportation in terms of time efficiency and cost too. Make sure you know what’s the running promo in the city you’re visiting because it might vary from one another.

5. Travel Buddies


Used in over 170 countries, Travel Buddies is aimed at backpackers and solo travelers looking for a travel buddy or another group with the same travel plans. Think of this app as the social media for travelers around the world where you get to connect with people with the same destinations like yours. The best part is, you can also use it to welcome travelers and host it in your own local town or city.


6. With Locals


The Dutch-based app did it right by expanding their community to Southeast Asia region right after its successful launch. By using this fine app, you now have the option to get a true local’s insight and travel recommendation instead of mainstream and expensive ones. Connect with locals and enjoy its features such as the ability to book tours, eat dinners and enjoy activities with local residents.


7. Tinder


Nope! We don’t actually recommend hooking up. Particularly in SEA, Tinder is also more than just a dating platform as it also works superbly as a way to meet with nice individuals who are looking to practice English with travelers, to make new friends and socialize. So choose wisely and swipe right anytime you’re ready to mingle!


  1. ZEN Rooms

Last but not least, traveling is now made easy and super affordable with the ZEN Rooms app. As the leading budget hotel chain in Southeast Asia, you can book over 5,500 clean anc chic ZEN Rooms accommodations, all providing the best value and most comfortable stay during your travel. Budget-friendly and superb quality, ZEN Rooms truly is the hotel chain for the new generation.

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