5 places in the Philippines ideal for solo traveling

5 places in the Philippines ideal for solo traveling

Thinking of heading to the tropics but don’t have a travel buddy? No worries, the Philippines is a great place for solo travel. The beaches, food, and awesome people will make good company. You should definitely put ‘travel solo in the Philippines’ in your bucket list, and then book up with ZEN Rooms for a more pleasant experience.



Known as Philippines’s summer capital, being in Baguio feels different from the rest of the country. It’s breezy, cold, and has a magical misty feel. Fancy picking fruits for breakfast? Head to the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad Benguet! The strawberries will be the freshest you’ve ever tried, and your fellow wanderers will keep you refreshed.

Alternatively, stick to the city sights and head museum hopping. Go up to the Tam Awan Village, a museum of antiques literally located in the mountains or discover contemporary art in the ever famous Ben Cab Museum.

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You can’t visit the Philippines without hopping on different islands of Palawan. 

Try joining a group of strangers to split cost and make new friends. Alternatively, you can also just head to the white beach, order tropical fruits, and relax on your own.

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Puerto Galera

Again, a great place to be a beach bum (white beach is the most popular here), meditate, and renew your zen. It’s also a pretty decent foodie location, with restaurants which offers a great view of the sea!

Whilst White Beach might be the most famous, Sabang is known for its unique social atmosphere. If you’re  looking to meet some new people and party the local way, this might just be the right spot for you. ZEN Rooms even offer a brilliant Sabang Beach view room!


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The Philippines’s second largest city, Cebu is a great place to learn about the country’s history and culture. It’s home to the country’s oldest street, Colon St., which is decked out with lots of trinkets for you to browse at your leisure. It would be like walking in the streets of history. The area is also great for canyoneering, especially around the Kawasan Falls down south.

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Bohol is known for its beautiful coral reefs and the smaller islands surrounding it. It’s a great place to go island hopping.

You can also take part in a lot of other water sports, including diving, surfing and canoeing. If you’re a beginner, then all the better. Find yourself a school and sign up to learn with others.

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