5 exotic food you’ll only find in Southeast Asia

5 exotic food you’ll only find in Southeast Asia

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Balut (Philippines)

Boiled fertilized undeveloped duck eggs eaten from the shell! Disgusting for some but with a bit of getting used to, you’ll finally understand that this ol’ street treat is something you can’t live without.

Photo from: Michael Freeman/ Getty Images


Larb Mote Daeng (Thailand)

Imagine eating red ants with their eggs? Yep. Only in Thailand.

Photo from: https://foodfornet.com 


Tamilok Worm (Philippines)

Worms extracted from wood, but taste an awful lot like oyster! Keen to try? Head over to Palawan, Philippines!

Photo from Adventuring Foodie


Fried Spider (Cambodia)

A-Ping or fried tarantulas are cooked just like any regular deep-fried dish, seasoned with spices and dipped into water-based mixture. Your trip to Cambodia is incomplete without this.

Photo by Retrea Tours


Fried Maggots (Thailand)

We’ll let the photo do the talking. 

Photo by City Gal on the go


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