5 Easy and Breezy Hiking Destinations in Batangas

5 Easy and Breezy Hiking Destinations in Batangas


Located in the southern Tagalog region, Batangas is no stranger to pristine beaches and gorgeous greeneries. The home of the Taal lake and volcano, travelers from all over the world choose to explore this province full of islands, for diving, beach bumming, and relaxing.
Whilst Batangas’ most famous attractions might be Taal Volcano and Nasugbu beach, the area is also littered with beautiful hiking trails, waiting just for you. And why wouldn’t you want to explore Batangas by hiking? Seeing breathtaking nature upfront and taking effort in doing so is incredibly rewarding. If you haven’t yet, you should put hiking in your bucket list and make sure to tick it off. Batangas is a great place to start.

Mt. Manabu


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Mount Manabu is a popular choice among mountaineering newbies. And why wouldn’t it be? It offers incredible views from the grassy peak, is occupied by flowerful gardens, and has mini strawberries sprouting every summer. Definitely a must climb!

Mt. Batulao

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This mountain range has 12 peaks! Worry not though, cause the strong breeze will make the long journey more relaxing. Once you reach the peak, you’ll have a panoramic view of the whole province, making this an Instagrammer destination.

Mt. Gulugod Baboy

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Nope, you won’t actually see pigs running around this mountain, contrary to what most millennials joke about, but you’ll see cows and carabaos in their natural state, chilling and eating at the grassland.
Arguably Anilao’s most prized treasure, Gulugod Baboy (pig’s spine) is named so because its peak resembles that of a pig’s spine. Heading up Mt. Gulugod Baboy is an incredible experience for those looking to see the Philippine sunset in all its glory. The journey also feels like being in a Sound of Music movie as the hills are really alive and green.

Mt. Talamitam

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This is a great climb for those looking for something a little harder. The rocky terrain in parts means that there are routes to the top which don’t just follow easier dirt paths. Climbing upwards and hanging your legs of the edge of the ascent’s rocky furniture can be a rewarding experience.

Mt. Daguldol

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Not as well travelled as the other mountains in the area, Mt. Talamitam isn’t the biggest hiking destination in Batangas for those interested in long walks. However, this is just because it hasn’t been discovered yet. It offers the sunset vistas of Mt. Gulugod Baboy, whilst also retaining the rocky furniture of Mt. Talamitam.

Reward yourself

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