3 Road Trip Destinations for the Solo and Unattached Traveler

3 Road Trip Destinations for the Solo and Unattached Traveler

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They say that no man is an island. But, every once in a while, it’s good to be alone. When it comes to travelling, going solo flight means getting to live the YOLO life. It means being free to finally do whatever you want at your own pace and time. More importantly, traveling alone gives you the chance to discover who you truly are.

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The best and most affordable way to achieve this is to go on a road trip so you can gaze out the window, take in the view, and just sit alone with your thoughts for a few hours. This way, your journey to a new destination eventually transforms into a journey of self-exploration. Thinking of taking advantage of the two upcoming long weekends this August to spend some well-deserved alone time but you don’t know where to go? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up three local destinations that are perfect for solo and unattached travelers like you.

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La Union


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The place to be if you want to celebrate being young, wild, and free. Only 5-7 hours from Manila, this Surfing Capital of Northern Luzon offers many extreme activities to pump up your adrenaline. Brave your fears and face the challenging waves at San Juan.


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Want something even more extreme? You can try rappelling, ATV driving, wall climbing, and ziplining at Pugad in Pugo.

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At night, you can head back to the beach to enjoy smores and a beer, perhaps with some new people who are down to start a bonfire with you.

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If you’re craving for anonymity and want something a bit more lowkey, Baler is your better bet. In this small town that’s also 5-7 hours away from the Metro, you can revel in nostalgia by visiting historical landmarks like Museo de Baler, the replica of Doña Aurora Quezon’s Ancestral House, and the Church of Baler where the “Siege of Baler” took place in the late 19th century.

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Take your walk to the next level by going to Diguisit Beach to see its breathtaking rock formations and the nearby waterfalls.

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If you want to experience a suburban adventure, Baguio is ready to welcome you with its cold open arms. Explore contemporary Filipino art by visiting BenCab Museum and dropping by the nearby Wood Carvers’ Village.

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Afterwards, take your pick out of Baguio’s numerous parks and breathe in the fresh air and refreshing views.

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Make your stroll even sweeter with a cup of strawberry taho – something that might just inspire you to also try strawberry picking at La Trinidad, Benguet.

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