10 Budget Travel Hacks Southeast Asian Millennials should know

10 Budget Travel Hacks Southeast Asian Millennials should know

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Millennials are known to invest a lot on experiences being the bucket list generation but we’re also the worst paid generation ever so the struggle to travel is real. With a little creativity, we can stretch our budget to allow us to see the world with these simple budget hacks!


  1. Book Your Flights at the Perfect Time

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The numbers are in: 19 weeks before flight, 12 midnight. That’s the perfect time to book a flight, when fares are lowest. 😲 😲

Also, keep checking fare on holidays and long weekends, because that’s when the good deals gets released online.


2. Pack Your Own Tumbler

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With all the walking and sightseeing you’re likely to do, water is a must. Don’t spend precious money on unnecessary things like bottled water so bring your own and refill it in your hotel, a restaurant, or a theme park.


3. Pack Like a Soldier

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Learn from the very efficient military practice: roll clothes into a ball instead of fold. This saves you a TON of luggage space for souvenirs to bring home.


4. Socks and Underwear Go Into Shoes

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If you’re packing footwear for your trip, hide your rolled up socks and underwear inside your shoes. This saves space inside your luggage and won’t mess up your clothes.


5. Research Your Area

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Skip the cab rides and rely on PHYSICAL maps instead. Research the area you’re apt to spend a lot of time in so you can walk around or use local transportation options like trains, buses, and tuktuks. If you’ve got access to Wi-Fi, learn to use Waze and/or Google Maps to navigate as well.


6. Share the Costs

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Sure, you might be travelling solo, but that doesn’t mean you have to shoulder all your costs. Join group tours with an open slot and share your costs with other people, plus gain new friends along the way!


7. Know the Locals

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Visiting tourist spots is all well and good, but access to hidden gems could potentially change your whole trip. Who better give you these tips than the locals themselves? 😉 😉


8. Use the Power of Your Passport

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All nationalities have their own list of countries on their visa-free list. A simple Google search ought to show you where these destinations are. Skip the high fees and waiting times for a visa and travel visa-free instead.


9. Take Photos of Your IDs

Your most important documents are your passport and your visa. Remember to take photos of these and email them to yourself. In cases where you lose your documents or your belongings are stolen, at least you still have the things you need the most


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